Monday, August 11, 2003

A Way to Make California a Good-Government State!

So, California's recall election is an illegitimate assault on the elective process because it's been instigated by people who disagree with California's liberal elite. Likewise, if the election replaces Gray Davis with a Republican or conservative Republican governor, it's a foregone conclusion that the result will be illegitimate because of electoral procedures which, though perfectly legal to get Gray Davis elected, are now abhorrent to California's liberal elite.

Why don't we just clean that state up and create hereditary fiefdoms for its liberal elite!

Certainly California would be happier if it were ruled by Duchess Feinstein of Moonbeamia, Don Bustamante of Marijuana, and Earl Waxman of Gayshire? Al Franken could make a good living as a court jester, and with Gene Robinson ensconced in the Cathedra Trumana Capote (the papacy will, of course, relocate to Venice Beach), the new kingdom would never suffer from civil-religious discord!

I really think I'm on to something here, I really do . . . . . .

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