Saturday, August 23, 2003

Catholic Point of View

If you haven't in a while, you've simply got to visit Lover of Christian Art's Catholic Point of View. He has some wonderful pictures of St. Rose of Lima and the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin. He also has an arresting photograph of St. Pius X. Ecce homo, alter Christus. The man looks like a Pope should, like a very good parish priest ought to look. The eyes, penetrating and sad, but revealing the knowledge of hope and an offer of compassion. A firm, square jaw that can take a punch if needs must. A brow wrinkled from thought and care, lines in his face showing the passage of laughter, anger, love and sorrow. (Remain skeptical of people with smooth, creamy faces. They tend to have smooth, creamy personalities that'll go along with anything and smooth, creamy lives that have made them oblivious to suffering and difficulty. There are exceptions for the young, but no one else IMHO). It's the face of a man who's alive, a great man and great pope.

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