Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Great Kneeling Debate

As always, I. Shawn McElhinney of Rerum Novarum and your humble SecretAgentMan are ahead of the curve on the debate over kneeling during communion. As I. Shawn McElhinney prepares his rolling barrage, it's interesting to note that other bloggers have taken up the keyboard in the Great Kneeling Debate. Among them are the esteemed Amy Welborn, The Contrarian, and E.L. Core. In case anyone is interested, here's a table of contents for my own sparring match with I. Shawn McElhinney on the subject:

Round One
SecretAgentMan's First Somewhat-Hyperventilating Blog on Kneeling and Communion
Rerum Novarum's Reply, Part I

Rerum Novarum's Reply, Part II

Rerum Novarum's Reply, Part III

Rerum Novarum's Reply, Part IV

Rerum Novarum's Reply, Part V
Round Two
SecretAgentMan's Essay on the Liceity/Legalism of Kneeling

SecretAgentMan's Essay on the Edification of Kneeling, Part I: Kneeling as Witness

SecretAgentMan's Essay on the Edification of Kneeling, Part II: Kneeling and Private Prayer

SecretAgentMan's Essay on the Edification of Kneeling, Part III: The Politics of Kneeling (NB: This part of the Essay has footnotes to sources used throughout the three parts of the "Edification" essay).
As noted above, Round III is yet to begin; we're awaiting Shawn's "rolling barrage." For what it's worth, here are some miscellaneous, additional blogs by me on the subject:
Replies to Accusations of Schism, Dissent, and Thinking Myself Holier than My Bishop

Replies to Further Accusations of Schism and Dissent.

Replies to Accusations of Dissent and of Thinking Myself More Capable than My Bishop

Told ya so, told ya so, toldya toldya toldya so . . . . (link to Adoremus Bulletin reproduction of the responsum to a dubitum on kneeling after receiving communion.

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