Friday, August 29, 2003

For what it's worth: Provolone Burgers

No quantities are provided. Cooks from Italian families will understand why. I tried this the other night, wanting a sauce to go with the hamburgers my wife was fixing. It wasn't half bad. It's not company food, but it's better than Swanson's.

Hamburger meat
Provolone Cheese, sliced relatively thin (enough to melt).
Sliced cremini mushrooms (not canned).
Dehydrated onions (you could use fresh diced onions)
Blush wine
Worcestershire Sauce
Olive oil
Crushed tomatoes
Chicken broth

Directions (Sort of).

Cook the hamburgers as you would for sandwiches. When done, put sliced provolone cheese on them to melt. Meanwhile, in a sauce pan over medium heat, add oil, butter, and the mushrooms. Saute until they're as you like them. Rehydrate the onions and put them in with the mushrooms. Stir. Add blush wine and then stir until cooked off. Add two or three shakes of worcestershire sauce. Stir. Throw in crushed tomatoes and chicken broth, together with a little more butter, and keep stirring until the sauce thickens. Salt and pepper to taste, and pour onto the hamburgers and cheese. (If the sauce is a tad bitterish, add a little bit of brown sugar).

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