Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Dire Predictions

You've seen those animated ads and display bars that pop up on television screens, advertising next week's movie, the network you're watching, or providing "helpful" information about the program? My prediction: In five years fully one-quarter of your television screen will be permanently covered with these videotronic billboards. (Except on PBS, which will only have graphics naming socially-conscious contributors like Archer Daniels Midland and which provide website addresses where you can go for more advertis. . . er . . . information. Hey, if PBS won't do it, who will?).

Within five years the only words you can't say on television will be words that are deemed offensive as to race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual neurosis. All the other words will be permitted, and said often by everyone.

Television: It's Like Inviting a Lice-Ridden Drunk Into Your Living Room

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