Friday, August 15, 2003

Readers Respond!

Pavel Chichikov of Catholic Images asks: "Why do you write at such length? Who can read such long screeds?" Then he wrote again, "I apologize for using the word 'screed', which implies monotonous rhetorical persistance. I only meant to comment lightly on the length of your essays. I regret the loose employment of the word."

No offense taken, Pavel! "Monotonous rhetorical persistence," hmm. I once had Baptists counting the number of words in my posts on their discussion board in an attempt to prove that thesis. I, of course, maintain that every word I write is essential. Sometimes one needs length to elaborate one's full meaning -- which is why you ended up with two emails where one would have sufficed! Think of the wasted bandwidth, man! Your email might have jostled another email, one from a ConEd about that funny meter reading on line 321 near Toronto, right out of the queue! For want of a nail . . . . .

But I suppose the main reason I write so much is: I don't have time! Think about it.

Anyhow, folks, check out Pavel's website, which has lots of fascinating photos. Here's my favorite. Pavel, did you take these photos yourself? That one's really good. I have a folder where I save Christian images, and I know I'm gonna spend lots of time at your site in the near future.


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