Thursday, January 06, 2005

Some Reading from the Anti-War, Soft-on-Terrorism, Hippie Brigade

Having had my Catholicism, my patriotism, and my possession of a human brain called into question several times by various correspondence about the invsion of Iraq, I thought I'd show just how bad the company I'm keeping really is.

First there's Pat Buchanan. From his early flirtation with Soviet-style communism, through his tenure on the board of NARAL, until his recent infatuation with New Age religion and unbounded Francophilia, Pat's always harbored a special hatred of true red-blooded American ideals. That's why he writes columns like "Bush Rehtoric vs. Reality", "Stay the Course Is Not Enough", and "Scapegoating Rumsfeld." Pat and I love to smoke a bong together while he regales me about his days as Tom Hayden's live-in paramour, and so I always enjoy reading his latest anti-American columns. Vive la France, Pat!

Then there's Joe Sobran. Those of you in the fringe-and-bead crowd are probably familiar with his frequent calls for women priests and gay marriage in the National Catholic Reporter. Fewer people know that Joe spent 18 years as senior editor of the National Review, putting up with all those disgusting conservatives, for the sole purpose of encouraging Bill Buckley to write those "let's legalize dope" editorials. Rumor has it that Joe's presently working on a series of childrens' books based on The Davinci Code and traveling the country in a VW microbus, stopping every now and then to photograph power plants, dams and tall buildings for Al-Qaeda. I link to two of his America-hating, I-Love-Islamic-Terrorist screeds here and here.

I could point out for my correspondents' benefit that nothing in the above is true, except that the columns I've linked to are actual columns by Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran. But that might deprive them of the zealot's greedy pleasure, sucking up all the righteousness in the environment until no one else has the ability to breathe. Damn right I'm irritated. I think I'll get to work on my long-delayed replies to more enlightened people who disagree with me about the war, and let this stand as my sole reply to the denizens of hotmail-land and

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