Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Toodling Around . . .

. . . the internet, I find that the Dossier has been:

-- Linked under "Religion / Spiritual" on a list of "Recommended Blogs" maintained by TheCapitol.net, a " non-partisan firm that provides legislative, budget, communication, advocacy, and media training and information for government and business leaders."

-- Declared a "Pirate of the Caribbean" by Chris Burgwald's Veritas blog.

-- Noted as an apple of discord by Michael's Law on Blog.

-- Called "duly skeptical" by Benjamin Blosser's Ad Limina Apostolorum

-- Linked to by Let's Go Thrashers!, a Spanish-language blog supporting the Atlanta Thrashers' hockey team: "(nada de hóquei aqui)."

I like the last one, because I think I'm definitely nada de hóquei aqui!!

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