Sunday, April 25, 2004

Just for the record:

Listening to John Kerry defend, "not abortion, but freedom" recently has put me in mind of a few other principles everyone -- without exception -- defends:

(1) I'm not in favor of owning slaves. But we should all realize that people have the right to invest their hard-earned money as they see fit, without government interference.

(2) I'm not in favor of killing Jews. But I think we can all agree that we have a right to ensure that their country is prosperous, a fit place for people to live, and safe from its enemies.

(3) I'm not in favor of sexually exploiting children. But I think it must be admitted that children shouldn't be sexually repressed and taught that sex is a bad or shameful thing; children ought to be open with their sexuality to responsible adults.

(4) I'm not in favor of theft. But everyone agrees that there should be a right to seek redress for economic exploitation and oppression.

(5) I believe that it's always possible to justify a crime with a Great Principle which is somehow implicated by the crime; one simply claims the connection to prove that the crime is a vindication of the Great Principle.

(6) The difference between good and evil isn't in reference to Great Principles. It's in understanding what those principles really mean, and following them where they lead.

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