Sunday, February 22, 2004

Oh, What I Wouldn't Give for a Candidate with Only One Face.

Reporting on John Kerry's anti-war book, CNS News shows us how John Kerry can eat his conscientious-objector cake and still have it pinned to his chest:
In the book's epilogue, which begins on page 158, Kerry sums up his views on the war by writing, "We were sent to Vietnam to kill Communism. But we found instead that we were killing women and children." Kerry served in Vietnam, receiving three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star."
So I guess John Kerry must have killed a lot of women and children, right? I mean, most of the men who served in Vietnam -- by, according to Kerry's book, "creat[ing] a nation of refugees, bomb craters, amputees, orphans, widows, and prostitutes" -- didn't get medals for their atrocities. Kerry must have been way ahead of the pack when it came to collecting ears and running tabs at Vietnamese brothels. Makes you wonder how Caly screwed up -- he killed lots of Vietnamese women and children, and they court-martialed him. He must have been lax when it came to bomb-cratering, is my guess.

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