Wednesday, February 18, 2004

It's been a good time!

Today was a pretty cool day for the Dossier. Since I started keeping it at the end of 9/03, we've had lots of visits -- broke 30,000 page views today, and have had 22,146 visits as well. Thanks to Dale Price, Mark Shea, Rerum Novarum, and all the other blogs who've linked here!

The percentage of readers from educational institutions has never broken 7%, which is (given the state of educational institutions) a good sign. There's some folks in England (or France, Spain, Mali, Algeria, Niger, Ghana, or Burkina Faso -- it depends on where they really are on the time-zone line) who visit regularly, as well as people in New Zealand and Australia. I say "Hello!" to them and am glad they're here.

42 people have subscribed using the little form on the left of the screen. I haven't sent any of them spam for discount prescriptions or emails about how I have $60 BILLION USDOLLARS from Mr. the late Wagambe Osotho's estate which is now in bonded diplomatic pouch courrier office and which I can send them for Christian charitable mission purposes. That's good too.

I'm also proud and abashed that the Dossier's been voted "Most Insightful Blog" over at the first (?) annual St. Blog's Awards. I can't wait to get one of those really cool Fr. Sibley statuettes. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and thanks to everyone who voted for the Dossier!

So this is a good day to realize that Lent is coming. I like Lent as a time of holy and penitential stillness, and my blogging is not conducive to that. So as much as I enjoy the stressful joy of writing blogs, I'm looking forward to a little penitential normalcy -- especially since, as my blog on The Passion and related issues proves, my writing for blogging is getting a bit out of hand . . . .

I won't say that I'm going to stop blogging during lent. I tried that once, and ended up as SecretAgentMan. But that's my goal, and anyhow I'm going to blog a lot less than I have been until Easter.

Oh, we've had some more interesting visitors via Google and similar services. Here's what they asked, and what I said to ‘em when they got here:
"the secret agenda of the council of Trent" Well, it was obvious in hindsight: Sedevacantists and SSPX-sympathizers worked behind the scenes to undermine the papacy!

"kjv agenda British secret" I don't see how.

flake v/s bruce lee Uh . . . . I'm stumped.

conqueror and john-wayne and torture This review is as terse as it is excellent.

"amish forsaken electricity" Yes, but as I pointed out, they use their inbred powers of telekinesis.

"pleasure seeking pain avoiding" I wonder how long he stayed?

"the professor's commentary on pipe tobacco" Great website.

"secrent agent stuff" Sorny, wen don'nt hanve anny.

Finally, two hits that will be of interest to my second-favorite Traditionalist Blogger!!!!

"Rafiq Hariri masonic"
"masonic difference kofc"

God bless everyone! Have a holy Lent!

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