Monday, February 23, 2004

Now this is a Good Thing

Kenny Ignatius Augustine visited my blog the other day and left a link to his own blog. I met Kenny back on Steve Ray's Catholic Converts Message Board before -- as Shawn McElhinney deftly terms it -- the Novus Boardo revision that put it in EZ-Board format. We used to call him "KIA" -- which is his initials, but it's also short for "Killed in Action" and a car company of the same name. Kenny is from Singapore. One of the reasons he's interesting to know is that he converted from a non-Christian culture, whereas most of us are familiar only with Catholics who converted from other Christian traditions. So Kenny and I are a lot alike, since we both converted from "paganism" -- except his paganism was ancient and civilized, whereas mine was on television. You can read his conversion story here. I'd recommend making Kenny's blog a frequent stop -- he's writing about theology as a science, the war in Iraq, Christian doings in Singapore, and all sorts of other interesting topics. I'm going to add a link here on the Dossier.

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