Friday, March 19, 2004

A Great Place!!

We learn that the Magnificent MaryH has begun a message board here. It's called St. Blog's Parish Hall, and the format is like the old Catholic Convert's Message Board. What was the old CCMB like, and what might St. Blog's Parish Hall be like? It was like Pancho's Happy Bottom Riding Club in The Right Stuff, a place where strong people gathered to be with the best without frills, frippery or glitzy hullabaloo. It was like Rick's Cafe in Casablanca, where refugees from a godless tyranny gathered to plan the resistance and dream of freedom. It was a great place, until they turned it into a glittery, spanky-clean and processed Planet Hollywood. Yeah, I said it at the time, and few agreed, but changing CCMB's format changed the place for the worse, so I left and ain't been back.

The main thing is the outline format, which isn't like the EZ-Board "rub your nose in everything right now" design. At St. Blog's Parish Hall the posts are organized this way:
Question about purgatory -- is it real? -- Seeker
Of Course it's real, just ask St. Paul! -- Catholic Momma
It's an ungodly invention!!! -- LutherFan
How can God invent something ungodly? -- Catholic Momma
You see, you can follow the discussion generally without being required to scroll through every single thought everyone wants to squeak out on the subject. You can pick and choose without being forced to wade through all the emoticons, personal graphics, stock 350-word quotes from some Church Father or Great Reformer, and so on. It seems like a little thing, but it's the little things that add character and enjoyment to life.

Go and post at St. Blog's Parish Hall. I hope enough good people go there to make all the discussions interesting and informative.

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