Friday, March 19, 2004

Embarassing Quiz Results

Via Fr. Jim Tucker's Dappled Things, I find out just how trite my artistic tastes are:

which art movement are you?

"Founded by a bunch of Englishmen in 1848, "The group popularized a theatrically romantic style, marked by great beauty, an intricate realism, and a fondness for Arthurian legend." ( Creative license is taken here; not all Pre-Raphaelite art was dark, mediaeval, and deathly serious, like you are. But there were a lot of drowned maidens, and you'd like that. Famous Pre-Raphaelites: Waterhouse, Millais, Rossetti, and You."

Yeah, and it's trite art. But I really do like it a lot. I remember in college when I put a poster of The Lady of Shallot on my wall. If it hadn't been a postmodern, UN-flag flying sort of place, there'd have been rumors. As it was, I just got accused of liking art that "sucks."

Trite. Yeah, so what? You got a problem with that?

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