Monday, January 12, 2004

My Casa Is Not Necessarily Your Casa

It's with regret that I say I've come to a similar conclusion as Fr. Bryce Sibley's A Saintly Salmagundi that a fellow named "Don" won't (hopefully) be commenting here on the Dossier any more. Looking over his comments, which had nothing to do with the subject at hand, nor anything to do with reasonably engaging another mind in conversation, I just don't feel like putting up with his habit of relentlessly crowding four, five, six, or more diatribes into the comment boxes on my blogs. If this were a message board it would be different, but this isn't a message board. Sorry, Don, but your right to free speech doesn't extend to my internet living room. You've got your own website on which to display your monomania and, just to show there's no hard feelings or hostility to freedom of speech (on one's own nickel, of course), here's the link (courtesy of Saintly Salmagundi) for anyone who's interested: Donny Cavazos' Website.

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