Tuesday, January 20, 2004

How They Get Here and What I Say to ‘Em

I have a nifty internet thing that lets me find out what search words people use to land on my blog. Apparently I have a diverse readership with eccentric interests. To save them the time, I thought I might post some standard answers to the more regular queries. The queries are in blue, my answers in black.

"Opus dei and tobacco industry." Cool!
"Catholic priest predicti." Sorry, don't know that liturgy.
"Archbishop michael courtney diocese burundi murder." Didn't do it.
"Athletic skin disease." Don't touch me.
"British Secret Service agent jobs." Down the hall, first door on your right.
"Homily on the purpose of man." Not ready to give it yet.
"Homosexual in Armenia." Neither.
"Catholic chalice and bacterial germs." Doubly redundant.
"Secret origins Camino Santiago." I only know the public ones.
"Innocent III try to achieve religious uniformity." Indeed, may God bless him!
"MTV dismissed Summa." Yep, that's MTV's purpose.
"Orthodoxy v. heterodoxy protestant Baptists." Trick question. Next!
"Today's model's of the gatling gun." Where can I buy one? I'll give one to Shea.
"McElhinney bombay." Interesting idea. I'm for it.
"Medieval gothic bedrooms for teenagers" Too rash - scold 'em first, then try dungeons!

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