Tuesday, July 08, 2003

SecretAgentMan Begins Blogging

For several months now, acquaintances and friends have been telling me I should have a blogspot. I. Shawn McElhinney was even kind enough to set this one up for me, since all I can do is type, and typing has no relationship to using a computer. They've been very kind in urging me to do this, especially since they've refrained from telling me all the reasons for their entreaties, which (I'm sure) include these: "Don't clog up our message board!" "Stop emailing me!" "Not again!" and "Go play in the street!" Since I'm a little slow on the uptake, the usual geologic age has passed between their suggestion and my response. But my Ice Age of contemplation has ended, my neanderthal ideas are venturing out into a new and brighter dawn, and I feel confident enough to display my attempts at flint-knapping to public view. So I am blogging. What my kind friends don't realize, however, is that I take so much pleasure in discourse that I will no doubt continue to clog their message boards and pester them with jarringly-irrelevant emails. It has to be, unfortunately: How else can they publish a multi-volume edition of my Collected Works if I reduce my output of verbiage?

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