Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Part II, "Edification and Kneeling," Coming Soon!

It's taking (and ending up) longer than I thought. Also, the publisher of my forthcoming review of John Cornwell's Hitler's Pope has sent me the proofs and footnotes, and given me until today or tomorrow to correct anything. So either today, or tomorrow, I will train my guns on Shawn one last time.

But for now, more reader comments on this riveting series, again from BF in Texas, who wants to know: Is there an alarm-clock feature on the blogosphere? Can you set this thing to wake me up when you find a new topic? If you and Shawn were in-country in Iraq, would you be trading letters about the sorry state of the latrines and general disarray of the breakfast cereals in the mess tent?

Dear BF:

If Shawn and I were in-country in Iraq, we'd be trading letters about the interesting and debatable parallels between Novus Ordo and Traditionalist Catholics with Sunni and Shia Muslims. We'd also be trading letters about my frustration with our lack of progress in forcibly converting the country to Christianity -- Shawn would be pointing out the impracticality of the plan given existing force structure and logistics, and quoting Dignitatis Humanae at me in calm, measured prose . . .

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