Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Spong II: The Irrelevication.

They keep recycling this guy, who is now the subject of a play about his llifelong quest to wrest himself from what he has called his fundamentalist evangelical North Carolina upbringing to understanding God in a radically different way . . .. From the story:
Any God who can be killed ought to be killed. That's the message of the play and, I think, that is the message of Jack Spong," [playwrite Colin] Cox said."
Note the sly identification between a God "who can be killed" and a God who can be ignored - for the time being, anyhow. Now that's pride, essential, pristinely corrupting pride. So they keep recycling Spong, and so we keep recycling our commentary on Spong.

And since we're playin' the oldies, what would you bet that the Reverend Mark Stanger, Canon Precentor of Grac[ie] Cathedral, will be front-row center in the premier's audience?

Hat tip to Dyspeptic Mutterings

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