Sunday, August 21, 2005

More Drudgery

Random thoughts and knee-jerks on the recent headlines from the Drudge Report.

When the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth did this, it was an affront to everything decent in American politics. I guess the moral authority of a grieving mother with PAC affiliations and a PR-firm really is absolute.

Can anyone imagine a more frivolous life than this one?

It's really a very simple state of affairs. They've got their own faith, with its own calvary, its own saints, and its own Ascencion and we have ours.

The process of Iraqization gains momentum. "Quick, let's un-ass Iraq in a dignified way before anybody notices we wrecked the country and then ran like teenaged vandals!" Senator Hagel made his own Tonkin-Gulf vote giving Junior that blank check to de-build and re-build Iraq, and now it looks like he's gearing himself up to deny appropriations for the Iraqi army just as soon as the Holy Jihad of Allah (or whatever the hell it's going to be called) reaches Baghdad. Ah well, who better than he to teach us the lessons of Vietnam all over again.

Israel continues to make only token gestures towards peace to the Middle East. But a dire fate willed by Allah awaits them -- rumor has it that Senator Hagel is planning a major speech pledging to bear any burden, pay any price, to support Israel's democracy!

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