Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Spiritual Bouquet Update

So far, the spiritual boquet for Al Kimel has the following flowers:
10 Rosaries
8 Holy Hours
5 Litanies
4 Sacrifices**
1 Novena
6 Prayers at Mass
Why not add some more? For this month, you don't have to register to post on St. Blog's Parish Hall. Just pop on over and post your e-card along with the good people who've already done so. Anybody entering the priesthood is bound to suffer attacks, and the best defense is a good offense. Thanks.

** A non-Catholic emailed me to ask what this means. It means giving something up, or doing something extraordinary, in your daily life. Don't smoke for an hour, and jones instead. Skip your favorite TV show. Anonymously pay somebody's parking ticket, or put change in somebody's meter if it's run out. Read the Bible. You don't need kashrut-cleared knives or livestock, just habits of self-indulgence and me-firstism that need a bit of pruning.

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