Friday, December 19, 2003

Notice on Future Blogs

Because we try and implement Catholic social teaching (or at least the spirit thereof), my office regards Christmas week (and Easter week) as a paid holiday. So no secretarial staff will be around and, I also have a lot of work to do in the next 10 days or so. Blogging will be light to non-existent. However, by the first of the year I plan to have blogs as follows:
(1). to Shawn McElhinney -- the final, crushing blow in my offenseive on "Kneeling and Communion";

(2) to a reader, some commentary on interpreting Church documents viz. obedience;

(3) to a reader, some commentary on extra ecclesiam nulla salus and invicible ignorance;

(4) to Tim Enloe, a dump-truck of stuff on the papacy and history;

(5) the final installment of Orestes Brownson and Homosexual Bishops;

(6) The rest of my commentary on Fr. Rohnheimer's article on the Church and the Holocaust;

(7) Some thoughts on Antonin Scalia, the death penalty, and Evangelium Vitae.
I've been promising these (except #6 & #7) on and off for two months. The problem is that I want to be as thorough as I can, so I've had to write, pause, write and etc. What I hope to do is work on them as "breaks" from the routine. If you don't want to keep checking every single day, subscribe using the Bloglet window above. You'll get emails when an entry is added. Your email will be kept secure, as I won't share it and I believe that bloglet doesn't share them either. I'm on that list too, and haven't gotten a single piece of new spam as a result. Have a merry and blessed Christmas!

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