Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Go here, please.

You need to bookmark this blog. No, not this one, but this one! It's run by MaryH, a wonderful Catholic lady. I've been reading her posts for years, first on the old Catholic Converts Message Board and then on Gary Hoge's Catholic Outlook message board, which she moderates. She's a gentle and brave soul, full of light, and she always has thoughtful things to say. I mean really thoughtful things, the kind of conversation-stopping, track-jumping, pause-now-and-contemplate things that come from what must be one giant roman candle of a prayer life. Things like this:
Stillness and quiet may seem unbearable to a young child who has more energy than a puppy, but when the child grows up and discovers a world that is rarely quiet or peaceful his heart will long for the newness of the quiet. . . . The faith of our fathers may seem old, stiff or even stifling when we are anxious and arrogant. But what happens when we have a sin that is too hard to bear? Who do we turn to? Who will be there, like a rock, waiting for our return? The sacraments are there - the saints are there - they are always there and in them we find the "bond of a holy society." The teachings of the Church are like that. They are old, still, quiet and peaceful. The bells of the Church are ringing at noon for all those who are quiet enough to hear them. The priests are waiting in the confessional when we come walking home. The old becomes new only when the new becomes old. It's the silent mystery.
Huh? But, but -- they're sacrificing ferrets at St. Malachi in Eylton! And I'm writing another 15,000 words to Shawn McElhinney in our debate over canon law, liturgical custom, and kneeling at communion!!!! George Bush may be a fake conservative!! And, and . . . . . .

You get the point, I hope. I also hope you make MaryH's blog a regular stop.

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